martedì 14 luglio 2015

I AM IN NEPAL: viaggiare in Nepal sicuri!!

As Nepal picks up the pieces and rebuilds, Nepalis are calling tourists to come visit the country.
A social media campaign where tourists in the country are encouraged to hold a placard stating they are in Nepal is picking up momentum in social media . An album with pictures of tourist smiling, has over 1500 shares .
According to Raj Gyawali of Social Tours which started the campaign, they were inspired after seeing a campaign of such sort in Tunisia and hoped it would encourage tourists to come into Nepal. There is also another album “I am going to Nepal”
The government has projected losing 40 percent of tourists this year due to the mass departure of the visitors after the earthquake and cancellation of Nepal’s trip booking for the upcoming seasons that is estimated to be more than 70 percent.
The Post-Disaster Needs Assessment report has pointed out that Nepal will significantly lose high-end tourists, but low-end segment and backpackers will continue their trips to Nepal.

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